7-8 Septmber 2018 - Emory, Texas --- Classics On The Square

This was a two day event that is well worth the time away from DFW. We were treated very well starting on Friday afternoon (Best Western Motel) with time in the bar/grill area for fellowship, drinks, music, and of course food. They had a live band in another room and cash giveaways that evening. Millie Chewning and Morgan & Tracy Rueschhoff won cash that evening. The rest of the group thought they should pick up the tab for drinks, but that didn't pass muster. Friday evening ended with some going to their room to rest for the next day. Other played dominos, while others listened to the live band.

Saturday morning weather didn't look very good, but the group got to the venue early to get a good spot. The day went very well, with food, music, nap time, and looking at some very cool cars. There were over 290 cars present even with the rain in the forecast. The awards were given out with five of the MM being voted into the top 30 cars at the event. Congratulations for those cool cars. The trailer and engine (LS-1) given away at the event were not won by a MM. Too bad, maybe next year.

Unfortunately, just before we were ready to start for home Mother Nature decided that she couldn't hold off the rain any longer. Since she had been holding off the rain for the majority of the day, the rain came as if she turned on the facet. The drive home was very interesting and for some stressfull. Silver lining, if you want to call it that, was some of us found where water leaks in around the weather stripping on our cars.

Regardless of the weather, the trip was fantastic, relaxing, and we're looking forward to next year.

See the pictures below from the event. Also look at our Facebook site as Gray Skinner posted pictures from the event as well.

Friday Night Festivities
Yes, great time had by all

MM Gathering Site
Yes, we had a great spot
Some didn't get much sleep last night

MM Cars Present

Other Participant Cars