September 23rd 2023- Stonebridge Ranch Car Show

Beautiful day in McKinney Texas.

Had a great turn out today. There were 72 vehicles entered, including 2 motorcycles.

The registration table was ready to check in vehicles.
The group was set up in the shade ready for the show to start. Also waiting on the senior bus to take them to lunch.
There was a DJ there playing music and interviewing sponsors of the event. Pedro Casc from Dodge City of McKinney was interviewed here.

To start the tropy give out, the MM presented special awards to the sponsors of the show.

Stonebridge Ranch and Dodge City of McKinney.

Additionally, the show handed out cash to 4 lucky people that entered the show.


The following are the winners of the top 30 from the show.


Below are the winners of the top awards.

Top modern vehicle - 2014 Mustang Shelby.
Top Truck - 1932 Ford Pick-up.
Top car. 1967 Pontiac GTO.
Community Garden pick.
Stonebridge Ranch pick.
Dodge City of McKinney pick.
Joe Nagy won the 50/50 pot and donated it back to Community Kitchen. Great job Joe.

Below are the cars and motorcycles that attended the event.

We even had a micro truck enter.

Once the show was over and cleaned up, some of us went to eat at Chicago Avenue Hotdog.